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Pension Plan

Pension meetings begin at 07:30am at Station 57, 3375 Tarpon Lake Blvd. Palm Harbor, FL 34685.

Upcoming meetings: January 18, 2023, April 19, 2023, July 19, 2023 and October 18, 2023 

2022 Actuarial ValuationEast Lake Tarpon Firefighters' Pension Audit 22-21East Lake Tarpon Firefighters' Pension AC Letter 2022


Pension Plan 2016 Florida Statutes Compliance Report


Pension Minutes/Agendas/Compliance Statements

October 2022 Pension Board MinutesJuly.20.2022 Pension Board Minutes.pdfApril 2022 Pension Board Minutes.pdfJanuary 2022 Pension Board Minutes.pdfOctober 2021 Pension Board Minutes.pdfJuly 2021 Pension Board Minutes.pdfApril 2021 Pension Board Minutes.pdf1-20-2021 Pension meeting minutes.pdf7-21-2020 Pension meeting minutes.pdf4-15-2020 Pension meeting minutes.pdf01-15-2020 Pension meeting minutes.pdf10-16-19 Pension meeting minutes.pdf2017-2018 ELFR Compliance stmt 11-15-18.pdf2018-2019 ELFR Compliance stmt 11-8-19.pdf2019-2020 ELFR Compliance stmt 11-12-2020.pdfELFR Rate of Return 1-17-18 signed.pdf

Pension Budgets

ELFR Approved Budget 2018.pdfELFR Approved Budget 2019.pdf7-23-19 BD MINUTES.pdfELFR Approved Budget 2020.pdf

Pension Disclosures

2016-09-30 East Lake Tarpon (Disclosure Documents).pdf2017-09-30 East Lake Tarpon Fire (60T Disclosures).pdf2018-09-30 East Lake Tarpon Fire (60T Disclosures).pdf2019-09-30 East Lake Tarpon Fire (60T Report).pdf2020-09-30 East Lake Tarpon Fire (60T Report).pdf

Pension Public Records Requests

Pension Fund Public Records Requests contact Info