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Pension Plan

Pension meetings begin at 07:30am at Station 57, 3375 Tarpon Lake Blvd. Palm Harbor, FL 34685.

Upcoming meetings: January 18, 2023, April 19, 2023, July 19, 2023 and October 18, 2023 

2022 Actuarial ValuationEast Lake Tarpon Firefighters' Pension Audit 22-21East Lake Tarpon Firefighters' Pension AC Letter 2022


Pension Plan 2016 Florida Statutes Compliance Report


Pension Minutes/Agendas/Compliance Statements

April 2023 Pension Board Minutes.pdfJanuary 2023 Pension Board Minutes.pdfOctober 2022 Pension Board MinutesJuly.20.2022 Pension Board Minutes.pdfApril 2022 Pension Board Minutes.pdfJanuary 2022 Pension Board Minutes.pdfOctober 2021 Pension Board Minutes.pdfJuly 2021 Pension Board Minutes.pdfApril 2021 Pension Board Minutes.pdf1-20-2021 Pension meeting minutes.pdf7-21-2020 Pension meeting minutes.pdf4-15-2020 Pension meeting minutes.pdf01-15-2020 Pension meeting minutes.pdf10-16-19 Pension meeting minutes.pdf2017-2018 ELFR Compliance stmt 11-15-18.pdf2018-2019 ELFR Compliance stmt 11-8-19.pdf2019-2020 ELFR Compliance stmt 11-12-2020.pdfELFR Rate of Return 1-17-18 signed.pdf

Pension Budgets

ELFR Approved Budget 2018.pdfELFR Approved Budget 2019.pdf7-23-19 BD MINUTES.pdfELFR Approved Budget 2020.pdf

Pension Disclosures

2016-09-30 East Lake Tarpon (Disclosure Documents).pdf2017-09-30 East Lake Tarpon Fire (60T Disclosures).pdf2018-09-30 East Lake Tarpon Fire (60T Disclosures).pdf2019-09-30 East Lake Tarpon Fire (60T Report).pdf2020-09-30 East Lake Tarpon Fire (60T Report).pdf

Pension Public Records Requests

Pension Fund Public Records Requests contact Info