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Request a Visit from East Lake Fire Rescue

ELFR Presentation Request Form Fillable.pdf

Would you like to have an East Lake Fire Rescue representative share a safety topic during your zoom meetings?  We would love to join you during any of your virtual meetings.  Please fill out the above PDF file and send it to to schedule a presentation. 

In person events will be considered!

*ELFR will only attend events that will allow us to share safety/prevention messaging*  

 ***If an event is accepted and scheduled through our Fire and Life Safety Educator, please know that although our units will plan on attending your event, our unit may need to abruptly leave your event, may be late or may not be able to attend your event at all depending on the calls we receive on that day/time. We will attempt to contact you if possible. We hope you can appreciate that responding to calls will always be our priority. ***