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COVID-19 Notice

COVID-19 image

 Due to COVID-19 only essential  East Lake Fire Personnel are permitted to enter the Station facilities. 
 All group meetings and outside visitors have been cancelled at the fire stations in order to preserve Fire/EMS services for the public. 
• Deliveries: Please press the doorbell button and drop off the package outside the front door. If signature is required, please leave it anyway, East Lake Fire waives the liability of no signature. If package absolutely can’t be delivered without signature, please ring doorbell and a Chief will address you.  
• Emergencies: If you have a medical or other emergency press the doorbell button. If no one answers call 911 immediately or press the red 911 box on the wall. 
• General inquiries/questions will be answered by phone.  Please call 727-784-8668 ext. 201 or ext. 211 We will answer your question or request by phone. 
East Lake Fire Rescue provides fire/EMS services to the citizens of  East Lake and Pinellas County.  This is an essential service for the citizens. Fire stations that the firefighters work in 24 hours a day  are critical infrastructure for the community. 
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with this health emergency.