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2021 Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention Month and this year, the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) theme is “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety!” So what do those sounds your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms make mean? Find out by watching the video below!


Is there a beep or a chirp coming out of your smoke or carbon monoxide alarm? What does it all mean? Knowing the difference can save you, your home, and your family! Make sure everyone in the home understands the sounds of the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and knows how to respond. Learn the sounds of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms by checking the user guide or search the brand and model online. - NFPA

For more info, check out this tip sheet: 


For more info, on smoke alarms, visit: 

Fire and Life Safety Educator, Mrs. Hernandez, is here to teach you about Fire Safety! Watch the video below and check out the resources listed below the video to teach your children what firefighters wear and why they wear it, and to learn steps you can take to keep you and your family safer from fires!


For information on creating a home fire escape plan, visit:

For games such as I Spy Sparky Video, visit:

ELFR Presentation Request Form Fillable.pdf

Would you like to schedule for our firefighters to come out and share fire safety tips? We are now coordinating both virtual and in-person classroom visits and HOA meeting visit! Please fill out the PDF file below and send it to to schedule a presentation. 

ELFR Presentation Request Form Fillable.pdf


***If an event is accepted and scheduled through our Fire and Life Safety Educator, please know that although our units will plan on attending your event, our unit may need to abruptly leave your event, may be late or may not be able to attend your event at all depending on the calls we receive on that day/time. We will attempt to contact you if possible. We hope you can appreciate that responding to calls will always be our priority. ***