1973 - Tarpon Lake Volunteer Fire Dept. Organized by nine concerned citizens primarily to protect Windmill Point and Anchorage subdivisions. Operated out of a lean-to located at the intersection of Tarpon Lake Blvd and Anchorage Lane.
-Original Members: Phil English, Dean Walker, Al Knight, Roger Garrett, Bob Timoney, Charles Bedell, Charles Bennett, Tom Jarrell and Mike Nabor

First Volunteer Fire Chief - Edward "Bud" Pirwitz

1st Engine - 10/23/73 Purchased a 1945 Dodge from Seminole Park Volunteer Fire Dept. for $250.
                                                     Had a 500gpm front mount PTO pump.  Truck was named "Snoopy"
1974  02/26/74   Tarpon Lake Volunteer Fire Dept. requested charter from the State of Florida.  
                                   The nine original founders paid the fees.         
           03/11/74   Chartered by the State.

First Rescue call -       14 y/o drowning victim at Hunt's Employee Park on Lake Tarpon; Memorial Day Weekend
First Structure Fire - 06/22/74 10:00pm mobile home on Old East Lake Rd

2nd Engine - Donated by the Division of Forestry.  Also had a 500gpm front mount PTO pump.
1st Tanker - Donated by McDill Air Force Base.  500 gpm tank with a 250gpm pump.
1975 -  They now had 15 volunteers and began participating in live training burns.
1976 - Purchased 1949 American LaFrance $8,000
1979 - First paid member - Fire Chief Tom Jarrell.  
 1979-Now have 22 Volunteers and had replaced all of the original trucks
 Purchased first new truck, an Emergency-One 250gpm Rescue Pumper.
1980 - Dedicated Station 57, built on land donated by the Lansbrook Corp.. Cost was $130,000  
            Also hired first full time firefighter- Bill Edling Sr. 
Purchased a 1978 Mack for $49,519.00
Purchased first new Engine from Emergency-One
Purchased first BLS Ambulance through donations raised in the community
1981 - Hired 3 more personnel; Tom May, Dave Anthony, and Howard Boehm.  
1982 - Began providing ALS Service (Paramedics)  
5/25/82 Purchased Chevy Ambulance from Pinellas County
10/82  Fire Chief Robert Lani  hired
1983 - Changed name from Tarpon Lake Volunteer Fire Dept to:  East Lake Fire & Rescue Inc.
1984 - Dissolved Volunteers 
1984 - Purchased 2nd new Engine from Emergency-One
1986 - Fire Chief Ronald W. Taylor hired
1989 - "The eagle has landed" takes on new meaning  for East Lake Fire & Rescue as development of  its new fire station is halted due to an eagle building a nest approx. 200ft from the proposed

 building site.
1992 - Purchased first ladder truck from E-ONE 75'  T57

Five new Fire Commissioners now directing department
1993 - Traded in ladder truck 
Purchase 2 - new Engines meeting latest  NFPA standards from E-ONE "E57" & "E58"
Opened Station 58 on Keystone Rd This new facility meets latest NFPA and OSHA standards.  Building is completely sprinkled, including attic.
1994 - Sent 523 "P57" back to E-ONE for refurbishing 
Received a new 4-person enclosed cab
New hydraulic ladder rack installed and upper compartments added
1999 - Station 56 is opened on East Lake Rd. This facility also meets NFPA and OSHA standards
                 Building is completely sprinkled.
Purchased Squad from E-ONE  "S57"
Purchased new Ford Expedition for District Chiefs "D57"
2000 - June 20, 2000 created by Lt. Bill Edling  
2000 - September 5, 2000 East Lake Fire & Rescue becomes a 
                  "Special Independent Fire District" by a 59.75% YES Vote!
2000 - December 31, 2000 Fire Chief Ron Taylor retires: click here for full story
Assistant Chief Jeff Parks assumes Acting Fire Chief position.
2001 - October 1, 2001 Jeffrey S. Parks promoted to Fire Chief :click here for full story            
2001 - December 26, 2001 East Lake Fire & Rescue Board of Commissioners voted to
            return the Daytona Squad to E-One; A new Squad will soon be ordered.
2002 - September 11, 2002 East Lake Fire & Rescue debuts new Honor Guard consisting
of 8 members: Lt/P Bill Edling, Lt/P Scott McLain, DE/E Bill Figuredo, DE/P Greg Godwin, FF/P Mark Calderini, FF/P Jim Campbell, FF/P Joe Fuller and FF/E Megan Gray
2002 - September 11, 2002 East Lake Fire & Rescue debuts new patch
2003 - February 7, 2003 Saulsbury Rescue Pumper Delivered (S57)
2003 - February     ELFR purchases 3 thermal imaging cameras: click here for full story
2003 - October       Took delivery of 20 new Survivair SCBAs: click here for full story
2003 - December   ELFR takes delivery of 2 more Saulsbury Rescue Pumpers (E56 + E58)
2005 - January 1, 2005 Fire Chief Jeffrey S. Parks retires
2005 - June          Installed laptops in front line units: click here for full story
2005 - June 30, 2005  Fire Chief Jeff Malzone is appointed.  
2005 - October 2005  Pinellas County leases East Lake Fire Rescue a 2000 gallon Water Truck
2006 - January 30, 2006   ELFR takes delivery of a new Firematics B.R.A.T. Brush Truck
2006 - October 3, 2006   DE/Paramedic: Howard Boehm becomes the first member    to officially qualify and retire from East Lake Fire Rescue after 25 years of service.                                                                                                                                                                                           
2007 - December 11, 2007   Old Station 57 torn down  

2008- New Station 57 erected                                    
2009 - July 12, 2009   2009 E-one placed in-service as the new E56
2011 - June 1, 2011 Tom Jamison promoted to Fire Chief

2015- 3 New Pierce state of the are Fire Engines Placed in Service

2015 Water Extrication Team  (WET) Placed in service

East Lake Fire Rescue