East Lake Fire Rescue


Advantica Reimbursement 

Affidavit of Loss for Department Cards

Appraisal - Division Chief

Appraisal -Lieutenant

Appraisal - Lieutenant Probationary

Appraisal - Driver Engineer

Appraisal - Firefighter 

Auto Accident Procedures

Beneficiary Form

Compensatory Time Sheet

Computer List Sign Out

Computer Problem Form

CPR Course Pre-Registration

CPR Course Evaluation

Department Issued Equipment

Division Chief Extra Hours Sheet

Emergency Contact Information

Employee Interview Form

Employee Orientation Skills

Employee Right To Know Act

Fax Sheet

Firefighter Bill of Rights

Fixed Asset Record

Hold Harmless Agreement - LaFrance Antique

Hold Harmless Agreement - District Activities and Apparatus

Uniforms- Screen Print Order Form 

Uniforms - Payback Form

Insurance Information & Release

Inter-Departmental Communication

Local Traveling Expenses

Mutual Aid/Automatic Aid Reimb.

Notary Affidavit

Notice of eligibility and 
Rights & Responsibility

Overtime Pay Request

Patient Authorization (HIPPA Compliance)

Personnel Maintenance Request
(County 911)

Radio & Technology Personnel Maintenance Form

Request for EMS Run Report

Request for Leave of Absence 
(Admin Non-Exempt)

Request for Leave of Absence 
(Admin Exempt)

Request for Leave of Absence** 

** This can now be filled out online and emailed to district57@elfr.org

Retention Log

Social Security Permission

Special Assignment Pay Time Sheet

Special Pay EMS/CME Instructor Time Sheet

Special Duty Timesheet-WET 

Special Event Donation Form

Supervisor's Check List

Threat Incident Report

Community Room Contract/ Usage (Evening)

Vacation Leave (Bid)

Waiver Employee Photos 


Accident /Damage Report

Accord Automobile Loss Notice
Accord General Liability Notice

Daily App Maintenance Checklist

Daily Non-Fire App. Maint. Checklist

DC-57 (543) Daily Vehicle Inventory

E-56 (556) Daily Vehicle Inventory

E-57 (529)  Daily Vehicle Inventory

E-58 (558) Daily  Vehicle Inventory

S-57 (557) Daily Vehicle Inventory

W-58 (548) Daily Vehicle Inventory

B-58 (550) Daily Vehicle Inventory

Proposed Equipment Movement

Weekly Vehicle Maintenance

Monthly Vehicle maintenance

Work Request Form