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Fire and Life Safety Fee Schedule
All fees shall be paid upon receipt of invoice unless other arrangements have been authorized.
Checks payable to the: 
3375 Tarpon Lake Boulevard, Palm Harbor, FL 34685

Plan Review:
Preliminary Site Plans                                                                   $300.00 each
Revised Site Plans / After Approval                                              $100.00 each
New Construction/Renovation, Plans                                          $50.00 min +$0.06 per square foot
Revised Construction Plans / After Approval                              $100.00 each
3rd Plan Review                                                                             $200.00 min +$0.05 per square foot
Fire Alarm and Detection Systems (All)                                       $100.00 min +$0.50 per device
Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Fixed Systems                      $75.00 each
Underground Fire Main                                                               $100.00 each
Fire Sprinkler Systems                                                                  $100.00 min +$0.50 per sprinkler head
Existing Fire Sprinkler Systems / Additions                                $100.00 min +$1.00 per sprinkler head
Standpipe Systems                                                                       $100.00 each
Fire Pumps (Includes Test / Inspection)                                     $250.00 each

Construction Inspections:

Certificate of Occupancy                                                            $100.00
Certificate of Completion / Final Fire Review                            $100.00
Change of Occupancy                                                                 $100.00
Red Tag (Failed Inspection)                                                         $100.00

Temporary Construction:
Application / Site Plan Review                                                     $100.00
Field Inspection (Per Temporary Structure > 900 sq. ft.)         $50.00

Construction Miscellaneous Inspections:
Flammable / Combustible Liquids Storage                               $50.00
Tank Removal / Tank Installation                                               $60.00 each
Temporary Power                                                                        $100.00
ESSP System (Generator)                                                            $100.00

Performance Acceptance Test:
Fire Alarm and / or Detection System Acceptance Test          $100.00 each
2-hour Hydrostatic Test (Fire Line, Sprinkler, Standpipe)        $100.00 each
Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression System Acceptance test    $100.00 each
Elevator Firefighter Recall System Test $100.00 each

Initial Primary Application / Site Plan, Layout Review               $150.00
Fire watch / With Apparatus Usage (two-person minimum)   $150.00 per hour-1hr min
Field Inspection $50.00 +$45 per hour

Annual Inspections:

ALF’s                                                                                               $0.00    per floor

Nursing Homes                                                                             $0.00    per floor

Hospitals                                                                                        $0.00    per floor
Group Homes                                                                               $0.00    per floor
Foster Care                                                                                   $0.00    per floor
Day Care                                                                                        $0.00    per floor
3rd Subsequent Re-inspection                                                   $100.00    per floor
Disaster / Emergency Operation Plans Review:                        $50.00    per floor
Public Schools:                                                                             $0.00    per floor
Private / Charter Schools:                                                           $0.00    per floor

Commercial Occupancy Periodic Inspections:
1st     Inspection                                                                           $0.00
1st     Re-inspection                                                                     $100.00
All Additional Re-inspections                                                      $150.00

Multi-Family Residential Periodic Inspection:
1st     Inspection                                                                          $0.00
1st     Re-inspection                                                                    $100.00
All Additional Re-inspections                                                     $150.00

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