East Lake Fire Rescue

Our mission is to provide the community with the highest level of protection for life, property, and the environment. We will engage our community through progressive education and outreach programs.​​

The vision of East Lake Fire Rescue is to be the 
premier emergency services provider respected by our community and peers.  Our aim is to provide these services through fiscal responsibility, training, education,technological innovation and a
dedication to our core values.

East Lake Fire Rescue Core Values:

Community    Respect    Integrity    Pride    Leadership    Empathy   

Station 57

3375 Tarpon Lake Blvd.

​Palm Harbor, FL 34685

The East Lake Tarpon Special Fire Control District (also referred to as ‘East Lake Fire Rescue’ or ‘The District’) is a legally established Special District under Florida Statutes. It is governed by a five member Board of Commissioners elected by the citizens of the District. The Commissioners have the authority to guide the agency, provide for programs and services, and manage the financial resources by Florida Statutes 189 and 191.

The East Lake Tarpon Special Fire Control District is located in Northeast Pinellas County. The District covers 33 square miles, serves a population of over 30,000 people and has a taxable property value of over $2.4 billion (Pam Dubov, Pinellas County Property Appraiser, May 29, 2014).

East Lake Fire Rescue is a full time paid professional Fire Department consisting of 36 line personnel, 3 fire administrative personnel and 3 administrative support personnel. East Lake Fire Rescue has 3 fire stations strategically placed throughout the District. Each station has both fire suppression and Advanced Life Support (ALS) capability.

East Lake Fire Rescue is part of the Pinellas County, Florida EMS system. Pinellas County EMS is an integrated countywide system which provides first response ALS by fire departments coupled with a contracted county ambulance transport service, using a priority dispatch methodology.
East Lake Fire Rescue is also part of an integrated automatic aid network with other fire departments in Pinellas County. This means that East Lake will respond as the closest appropriate unit to emergency incidents outside the District borders, and surrounding departments will do the same for the East Lake Fire District as needed.

East Lake Fire Rescue also offers many community interactive services such as CPR instruction, certified child safety seat installation, blood pressure checks, home safety and pool inspections, fire safety programs with local schools and preschools as well as an annual "Safety Day" Open House. All three of its stations are also "Safe Place" havens for t
roubled teens.

Station 56

1933 East Lake Rd. S.

Palm Harbor, FL 34685  


Station 58 

3280 Keystone Rd.

Tarpon Springs, FL 34688